Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gold 21 is launched! My first game for Gamesville!

My first game for Gamesville was launched today! Gold 21 is a spin off of Magic 21, a multiplayer online blackjack-style game, and made exclusively for Gamesville Gold members. I'm EXTREMELY happy with how it came out, both visually and functionally, AND it's just a really fun game to play regardless.

This is Gamesville's first GV Gold Exclusive game which will hopefully make our Gold members happy, and to make them even more happy, it will be giving out over 500 Cash Prizes monthly! With every hand that you create to total "21" you have a chance to win!

To play you need to sign up for a Gamesville Gold membership. But, if you'd like, you could swing over and play the classic version of the game, Magic 21, for free, and still win big!

Here's a screen shot for you to check out:

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